Member FAQS

Why Palm?/ How is Palm different than other influencer platforms?:

Palm is a safe community of trusted microinfluencers, founded & created by women, where influencers can support, connect with one another and grow together. It’s also a place where influencers can discover and collaborate with beauty, indie beauty, wellness & fashion brands.

What is a "Palm Pick"?:

A Palm Pick is what we call our brand collaborations. We release new collaborations on the first of each month. There is a small access fee to participate.

Can I refer other influencers to Palm?:

Yes! When your friends apply to Palm, let them know to put your IG account down as their referral and we will make a note of it when we process applications.

How can Palm help me become a bigger and better influencer?:

When you join Palm, you’re joining a community of microinfluencers like yourself. We have a dedicated, private Facebook group where our members can meet and connect with each other. Our community is filled with members who actively give advice and tips about being an influencer while supporting you along your journey. Hearing tips and tricks from other influencers gives members a better insight on how to improve and be a better influence and a good insight on what mistakes to avoid. We at Palm also provide guidelines and tips on how to work with our brands and what to expect. We guide you along the way with our collaborations to help ensure that you are always learning and improving.

What are the standard requirements for each collaboration?:

Our collaborations usually require that you have at least 1,000 followers and an engagement of about 100 likes per post. However, we do consider influencers who have under 1,000 followers but with great engagement with at least 100 likes per post. Also, sometimes, our brands may be open to having less followers so double check each brand collaboration within our Pick store to see which ones you qualify for.

How many Palm picks can I purchase/sign up for?:

You can purchase from as many brands as you want but you can only purchase one product from each brand. And if you would like to participate in multiple picks, please be aware that each pick may have different requirements and you need to be able to fulfill each one.

Why is there a deadline to sign up for Picks? (5th of each month):

Because our campaigns are monthly, we want to ensure that each member has enough time to thoroughly try out the product. We want our influencers to be able to provide enough content and be able to review as authentically as possible. The very last day to sign up is when we generate the list of influencers who have signed up for the product and then we send them over to the brand so that they can do their part to send products out in a timely manner.