Holiday 2018 Brand Showcase

Holiday 2018 Brand Showcase

from 60.00

*Deadline for all Black Friday sign ups: Nov 21, 4pm PT*

Full details on each package:

Here is an example of how the Black Friday and Holiday Gift Directories will look: See example Directory here

Note: If you participate in the Insta Live “QVC style” promo, the video will be saved on YouTube!

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See an example of last year’s Black Friday Shopping Guide

We Will Send You Instructions on Next Steps After Signing Up:

After your brand signs up to participate, Palm will send you instructions and an intake form to collect information about your promotions, offers, featured products, sending product for giveaway, etc.

All Information is due 12pm PT November 21st

For All Hire-A-Product-Photograper Information: Inquire Here

Package FAQ’s

1. Who are the Directories sent to?

  • 5k shoppers and influencers will be emailed about the Directory

2. Where are the shoppers directed to?

  • Shoppers are directed to a landing page where they can learn more about your brand and product

3. Can I offer a promo code?

  • Yes! We encourage sharing promo codes and special discounts exclusive to shoppers for the Directories, Giveaway Post, Instagram Live and Influencer Blog Posts

  • Offer a unique promo code for your own sales tracking

4. Can I share the directory and/or gift guide from my end?

  • Yes! We will provide the link to the directory and/or gift guide landing page from our end and encourage you to share with your audience as well.

5. What can I expect in terms of sales ?

  • While sales driven from our platform are highly dependent on your branding, your product, and the type of discount you are offering, we are excited to provide one central source for your brand to be exposed to thousands of millennial shoppers!

6. What do I need to provide for the giveaway?

  • All of our giveaways have 2 winners so brands must have two units of their product to send to the winners. Our team at Palm also needs one unit of the product sent to our headquarters for photography purposes.

7. What is the Insta Live and what do I need to participate ?

  • This Live session is an hour long segment on Palm’s IG channel where we get up close and personal with your product sharing it with our viewers on Live Video. We answer any questions regarding the brand, the product, how to use it, and much more. This is a great way to get shoppers excited and engaged with your brand and product!

8. Can I track the traffic directed to my site?

  • We can track traffic driven to your site via the Black Friday Directory and Holiday Gift Guide websites.

  • We can also track IG giveaway engagement metrics, engagement metrics of our “QVC” Instalive, and any engagement metrics specific to influencer created content.

Other questions?

Email us at:

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Package Breakdown (full details here)

Holiday 2018 Marketing Boost by Palm_GiveawayOnly.png

Note: Insta Live “QVC” style, will be uploaded to YouTube permanently, following the Instagram Live!

Holiday 2018 Marketing Boost by Palm_GiveawayOnly (1).png
Holiday 2018 Marketing Boost by Palm_GiveawayOnly (2).png

Please find our comprehensive Holiday deck for more specific details on each package: