Palm is a passion project, founded on the excitement around sharing new products and brands. Founder Amanda Schulze holds a background in technology and growth, focusing on ecommerce, marketing, and startups. Having worked at Airbnb, Expedia, Microsoft, Shoedazzle, Threadflip, and Chloe+Isabel, Amanda has a sharp understanding of digital sharing. Her interest in product sharing sparked when she started a Slack channel for her coworkers, and noticed how impactful recommendations and reviews are within small communities. Amanda is especially passionate about helping female founders, and created Palm in order to use her expertise in marketing and branding for the sake of helping women entrepreneurs internationally. Additionally, #FEMFEED, Palm’s blog and content platform, aims to share wellness trends and female founded brands, quickly and easily.


About Palm


Palm acknowledges that influencer marketing can be confusing, especially when starting out. We aim to take the mystery and confusion out of the process, while helping brands spread the word about their products effectively and authentically. Our platform has a unique approach to helping small brands and startups to connect with influencers, at a price point that fits within their budgets. Palm focuses on self-care, wellness, lifestyle, and conscious consumer products. Our influencers have over 2.5 million followers, and are beyond excited to share the messages of brands we feel passionate about. Palm aims to build long-term relationships between brands for the sake of ongoing engagement.